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Artwork and Photos
Artwork comes in many varieties.
Oil paintings can be done on board or canvas, generally framed without a mount or glass, but quite often with a slip added. Oils on canvas however need to be stretched before framing.
Other artworks include watercolour, poster, pencil and many other mediums, mounting is recommended using acid free boards and framing with glass.

Stretched Canvas
It is very popular to stretch canvas over a frame, either taking the image to the edge or wrapping it around all sides of the frame, so that the image can be viewed from all angles.

Needlework can come in many variations including, cross stitch, embroidery, long stitch and stump work, often taking many years to complete. So if they are new pieces or family heirlooms, an understanding of the nature of the work is very important. Advice can be given on each individual piece, whether the fabric is stretchy or has become brittle through age, the desired presentation can be achieved by using the appropriate mounting, frame and glass.

Sports Memorabilia
All kinds of memorabilia can be framed, the most popular being the football shirt which is stretched and presented in a box style frame with a mount to compliment the shirt.

Medals for all kind of achievements can be framed using a box frame and mounts either on their own or with a certificate.

Cushion make up service
Cushion Make up Service, Tallis bags, Tapestry
Tapestries stretched and made in to a cushion, backed with an appropriate weight fabric, customer to supply where possible. Can be made up with or without matching piping, zip across the back and cushion pad to fit.

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